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Saturday 24 September 2016(07:20:29)

I got to bed OK, but it was midnight before I dozed off.

I slept through until 6.25am, tried to go back to sleep as I still felt tired, but listened to the 7am news and got up.

First order of business was a mug of tea and then I had a wash as usual, the shower welcome on a cold morning.

Now to do my Echores and check Facebook.


Echores and Facebook done!

Now for some breakfast and then some racing.

It’s a dull, grey and miserable day today – looks like using the heating was a good idea!

Now to turn it off and hope it doesn’t get too warm today!


Took a look at the camcorder I’m interested in and it looks pretty basic, but under £180 not including memory card!

Hopefully I’ll not balls-up and order the wrong memory card!

Now to go race and relax as I’m feeling stressed – the fear of mistakes rides me hard, a fear I learned as a child as punishment for errors was often brutal…


I ate breakfast, did some racing, checked the Red Button news, raced some more, had dinner and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now to do some research and then back to racing I go.


I took a good look at the HD camcorders and it was food for thought!

The Besteker camera I ordered originally had a couple of buyer comments about its sound which matched with my problems, so I was right to avoid buying a replacement!

The Canon camera I looked at was pretty good, but had a delivery time of one to two months!!!

Finally I checked out the Sony offering and found one which fitted the bill and saves files as AVCHD which my software DOESN’T support and MPEG-4 which it certainly does!

Apparently the camera is menu-rich, but I had no hassles with my Mini DV camera and I have a brain!

In Short?

Thursday I order the camera, Mini SDXC card, a battery for my old camera and the ink I need for my printer.

Total cost will be around £250 altogether, but by the time it arrives it’ll be after my refund is provided, so I’ll be OK.

This is soooo stressful!!!

At least I am due the refund from Team Jibo, so my finances will remain good in the run-up to Christmas.

Hopefully I’ll eat with Pat and Neil, I really miss them when they are off on holiday!

Now to see about some water as I’m off the tea so I sleep tonight!


I did some racing, tried to read the Red Button news, but the system crashed and I couldn’t get it back up.

I came online as my supper warmed in the microwave and checked my email and Facebook.

Now supper is cooling so I’m going to read the news and wait until it is edible.

The trouble with microwaves is that they superheat food, but on a plus side it means all bugs are killed!

Now for that news…


I read the latest space news and the Falcon 9 pad Unscheduled Rapid Disassembly team has been looking at the helium pressurisation system.

There was a clear noise like something breaking before the shit hit the fan, so the composite helium bottles are under the microscope.

At the kind of temperatures we are talking about, materials behave more like glass so 5500psi pressure puts a lot of strain on the vessels containing the helium.

Given that Space X plan on lofting ISS crews to the station, they need to be damned sure that they don’t end up incinerating their passengers.

Spaceflight is a VERY risky business to be involved in…

Time to eat and take my meds, then off to bed I go!

Friday 23 September 2016(07:15:51)

I got my butt to bed OK and fell asleep about 9pm.

I slept through until the 6am news, lazed in bed until 6.58am, then got up and washed.

Now to do my Echores and chill!


Echores done and Facebook visited.

Now for some food and then I race!

Looks like Autumn is finally here…


NOT a happy bunny!

Just found out the Eurolottery is going up in price and is getting harder to win!

Why can’t they just leave it alone – it was hard to begin with!!!

Oh well: If I have any hope of winning big I have to keep buying the tickets.

Good job I mainly do it for fun…


I had breakfast, raced, checked the Red Button news and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now for some more racing on a chilly day.

It’s 23’C in here, but the floor is cold so I’m wearing socks and thinking seriously about using the heating.

I have to wash my hair later – guess I’d better put the heating on when I do…


I was about to shut down when McAfee reported three updates which included a critical windows update – a day after a major upgrade!

Just hope my PC isn’t affected by a bug…


I had chicken pasta for dinner and then washed my hair, so I am now wearing a towel turban!

Tomorrow I have to shower which I’m not looking forward to as I feel bloody cold afterwards!

Oh well: Quick check of my email and Facebook, then back to racing I go.

I’m nervous about going to church, but I promised and the Pastor, James, has something in mind.


Email checked and Facebook visited.

Time for one final glance at my email and then off to race I go!


I did some racing, checked the Red Button news, did some more racing, then had a tense few minutes as the local teenagers went past, noisy as always.

I raced some more, came online to check my email and Facebook, so now I’m planning a final meal and then bed at 8pm.

This diet is no fun: I feel furiously hungry at the moment, but every time I look down I see the reason why I’m doing it.

I’ll get there eventually, but I keep daydreaming about food!!!

I need the racing just to keep my mind off it…

Oh well: Time to Zap a ready meal and then get ready for bed.

Tomorrow I shower as usual, then I’ll shave.


I ate, got bathed, waved and teeth cleaned, then went to bed.

I was sore so I was awake waiting for the Ibuprofen to kick in when mum phoned to ask if I’d heard that dad’s funeral had taken place yet?

Apparently Middle brother Neil needed to know for closure.

We had a good chat and she lied her box off and played innocent when I brought her up to date with the news regarding my persecutors.

Two can play at that game…

Oh well: Now to return to bed and listen to the radio as I wait to doze off.

Thursday 22 September 2016(07:13:26)

Despite feeling tired, I didn’t doze off until around 11pm.

I had a solid night’s sleep though, waking at 6.58am feeling refreshed!

First order of business was a wash, a sip of water and a leak, so now I’m drying off as I wait for 9am and the parcel drop off.

Once done I’ll come straight back home and start work on the DVD I’m doing for my friends, the biggest worry being battery life.

As I write the weather is cold, wet and horrible, so I’m glad I will only be making a short trip!

Now to do my Echores.

It’s all good fun!


Echores done and friend’s Blogs read.

Just checked my camera battery and it is losing its charge, so I’m going to wait until Thursday and order a new battery as well as the new DV camcorder.

Time is something I have plenty of.

Oh well: Getting close to 8am.

I’ll check Facebook and then have crumpets for breakfast.


Job done!

Now for those crumpets…


I ate the crumpets, watched the news, Momma Nature made two calls, so I decided it was safe to go!

I ordered a car off Lesley at ‘No.1’ and got one of the regular Asian drivers, so we had a good chat as we drove through heavy traffic to the centre.

He dropped me off on the roof car park and I took the lift to the ground floor with three older people, the guy on a small electric scooter.

A woman with a toddler in a push chair joined us, then we headed to the ground floor.

I made my way to the Newsagents and handed over the parcel before getting a receipt and a minor bollocking for having a crap printer!

I then took the elevator back up to the top floor and decided to buy some drinkables, so I went to ‘Iceland’.

Shelley was on the checkout so we said hi as usual.

I walked the entire perimeter of the store to get to the alcohol, joined Shelley and another guy and cracked a bad joke with Shelley that had her chuckling!

Goods paid for I wished her well and made my way to the Free phone to order a taxi from ‘Connect Cars’.

It arrived in a few minutes driven by one of the regular white guys and we had a good chat as he got me home.

Now I’m back, the receipt is tucked away in my paying-in book and now I have to wait five to seven days for the refund to arrive.

I can’t do anything until Thursday when I get paid, but there’s nothing urgent on the horizon so I can relax.

I can’t help wondering what James has in mind, but I’ll find out on Sunday.

I just hope I’ll be awake in time to go to church as I lost two hours last night…


I checked my email and they’ve confirmed the refund which will be credited to my credit card in about 5 to 7 business days.

Given I have a week before I can order the battery and camcorder, that means it SHOULD cover half the cost of the new camcorder.

I also checked Facebook, so now I am off to race again.

Just for the record dinner today was Lasagne, so I’m full for the moment.

Just wish I could do something about the gnawing hunger I feel between meals.

Bloody medication…

My PC just updated so I can’t shut down until the install is finished.

Time to go and race I think!!!


I raced, watched the latest news from Charlotte and then read the Red Button news.

After that I came online and checked out Addenac City for a giggle.

Now off to look at Wombania and have a chuckle at the Wombies!!!


Windows 10 just had a massive update that took an hour to install and run.

It looks like it hasn’t done any damage, but I’ll know more when I get the new camcorder battery.

It’s going to be a looooong seven days…


I had the last of the ham with Branston pickle, took my meds, then cleaned my teeth etc.

Now to head for bed once I’ve checked my email.

For some reason W10 has set me up on Skype.

Since I have no use for it, I’m feeling hacked off at Microdick!!!

Oh well: Email ONLY and then bed.

Wednesday 21 September 2016(04:57:41)

I got to bed OK, but didn’t doze off until after 8pm.

I woke at 2.39am long enough for a sip of water and to turn off the radio, then returned to bed until 4.53am when my intercom buzzed and it was the drunk from upstairs wanting in.

I let him in then made a mug of tea.

I’m going to do my Echores etc. then go get washed as there’s no point going back to bed.


Echores and Facebook done.

James, our Pastor, emailed me as he wants to try something, so I’ll have to see what he has in mind!

Now to have a wash and then do some racing.


Just tried the new video camera and the sound is very quiet, but the video editor fixed that so no big deal.

If it becomes an issue I’ll order a new camera.

Now to check Facebook.


All done!

Now to race and chill as I wait for 11am and my next meal!


I raced, had crumpets for dinner, then came online.

I checked Facebook, then had a look at HD camcorders.

Sony are asking £199 plus you have to buy extras like a memory card, but at least it will work!!!

I’ll look again when I’ve paid off for the stuff I got this time.

Good job I save hard!!!


I decided to bite the bullet and send back the DV camcorder.

Amazon don’t pick up any more, I have to go to the newsagents in the Arndale to drop the package off and I’ll get a refund in five days.

Which means I’ll have to pay up what I owe and wait for them to return the money.

Looks like I’ll have to buy my new DV camcorder while I’m waiting for the refund.

Good job I don’t get to do this often!

Now to wait for the engineer and his fitting of the Firewire Card.

Lord I’m nervous!!!

Just added an extra layer of packing tape.

Better safe than sorry…


Email done and Facebook comments read!

The news report on MSN says that China’s first space station is due to have an uncontrolled re-entry in 2017. for the story.

The Chinese say it will burn up harmlessly while experts are predicting an uncontrolled re-entry, so it could land anywhere.

Anyone know the Chinese for ‘Oh Shit’???


The engineer fitted the Firewire card and after a false start everything worked normally!

It is too late to do any editing now, so I’ll leave it until tomorrow.

I feel my heart pumping from anxiety, but it’s all good!


Just experimented with the camcorder and found that my webcam is the default device when my camcorder is off!!!

The sound wasn’t working, so I suspect it is taking audio from my headset mike.

The battery seems unusually quick to discharge, so I MAY have to buy a replacement.

Now to race and wait for dinner at 7pm, leaving the project until tomorrow!


Forgot to pay my debts, but the job is now done and I can relax!

I’m trying to charge my camcorders battery, so we’ll see how it goes.

Right now I’m waiting for 7pm and my next meal.

Lord I’m hungry… (Sigh!)


The battery charged OK, but may be too degraded to do the job, so tomorrow I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed as I import the video.

If it fails I’ll wait for Thursday and order a replacement from Amazon.

Also tomorrow I have to deliver the package to the collection point as planned, so I’ll do that at 9am.

I have no other things to do in Middleton tomorrow so I’ll just have to take the hit.

Once back I’ll set to work building the video for Sarah and Martin.

I have some interesting ideas to add to the video, so we’ll have to see how it goes!

I’m starting to feel tired, so I have had my sandwich, taken my pills and cleaned my teeth.

Hopefully I’ll doze off before 10pm, but right now it feels sticky and humid at 38% humidity.

Looks like I’ll be sleeping with the fan on!


Made the mistake of checking Facebook.

NOW I’m off to get a sip of water, then head for bed!!!

Tuesday 20 September 2016(06:14:37)

I got to bed OK and was asleep by 9pm.

I slept through until 5am, listened to the news, then decided to stay in bed until 6am listening to the radio.

The 6am news came along so I got out of my pit, made a mug of tea, then got bathed and waved.

Now I’m sitting here, slightly damp, and in a moment I’ll do my Echores.

At 7am I’ll go get the milk.


Just finished on Facebook: Time for that milk!!!


I dressed and walked down to the Co-Op, saying hi to a couple of cats.

I got to the Co-Op to find one of the new ladies on the checkout, said good morning and went to get my milk.

I queued behind a couple of guys and was joined by another.

I paid for the milk, thanked the new lady and headed home.

As I reached the corner one of my younger neighbours was off to work on his bike so we said good morning as usual.

Once back I packed the milk away: Now to check my email!


The morning has passed quietly enough, racing, reading the news and just vegetating.

I had a fiddle with the new camera and it had no surprises, but the touch screen was a bit slow to respond and the control buttons were NOT intuitive!

Oh well: The camera is now ready for use, all I have to do is make sure it charges fully before I film anything.

Oh well: Time for crumpets – I could eat a horse!!!


I had my crumpets, raced, tried to check the Red Button news, but it crashed.

So: In a moment I’ll check my email and Facebook.

I’m hoping that all goes well tomorrow, it’s the main reason I’m paying a £30 service charge to get an engineer to do it.

I COULD do it myself, but I need a tech-savvy engineer to fix it if we have a problem…

My left hand continues to trouble me, earlier I had a cramp that was worse than any to date as I tried to pick crumpet out of my teeth!

I guess I’m going to have to see the doctor.

Oh Joy…


We had sunshine for a while, but we’re now back to grey skies.

Time to check the BBC news site given that the Red Button service has malfunctioned.

I wish they had some good news for a change…


News read and now I am about to toast some more crumpets!

At bedtime I’ll have a ham sandwich and then try to sleep as my anxiety levels are high given that tomorrow I MAY end up with a fried PC if the installation goes wrong.

OK the odds are against it and I’ve prepared as best I can, so we’ll see…


I did more racing, checked the Red Button news, then started feeling shattered and hungry, so I’m having that ham sandwich, the pills, then I’ll clean my teeth and head for bed.

Tomorrow will be nerve-wracking, but it needs to be done.

Monday 19 September 2016(05:39:53)

I had a night of disturbed and broken sleep, getting up a few times for a sip of water and a leak.

I finally woke at 5.25am and made a mug of tea before I got washed.

Now to do my Echores and visit Facebook.

It’s 22’C in here and wet outside, but I’ll need to go and get my lottery tickets later.

It’s all go.


Echores done, Facebook and friend’s blogs visited: Now to wait for Momma Nature to do her thing, then go get my lottery tickets.

It’s still wet outside so I’ll need my umbrella.

Life, I say, is good!


I shut down my PC and Momma Nature did her thing shortly afterwards.

Comfortable, I got dressed and made my way to the Co-Op, saying good morning to one of my neighbours on the way

I got to the shop and Ian was on duty, so we said hi as usual.

First stop was the cash machine where I took out £50 and a balance slip, but forgot to collect the slip.

Ian then printed off my lottery tickets and I said hi to a woman who was also on her way to the cash machine and collected my balance slip which she’d thrown into the trash and recovered for me so I said thanks!

I’m still in a good place financially thank goodness!

Next came the long walk home, dodging slugs on the way.

Now I’m back, changed and ready for the day!

Next comes breakfast and some racing.


I had a quiet few hours racing and checking the Red Button news.

At 9.31am I phoned the engineer and got no answer so I left a message.

I checked my email and Facebook before updating this.

Now to go race.

If I don’t hear from the engineer by 1pm I’ll give him another call.

At least it has stopped raining, although it is a dull and miserable day!


Just phoned the engineer and had a problem with the line, having to take two attempts to get dial tone!

He told me he tried to phone me earlier, but couldn’t get through!

Oh well: We’ve booked an appointment for him to come up and do the deed, so now I have to wait until Wednesday at 4.45pm!

Now Momma Nature is calling so I have a little business to take care of, then back to racing I go!


I did some more racing, checked the Red Button news as the reports poured in about the New York bombings, a disposal robot saving a life by accidentally detonating a UXB that would have killed a human trying to defuse it!

Robots ROCK!!!

I then came online to check my email and Facebook, having fun with my friends before making this comment.

I feel tired so in a moment I’m off for crumpets and maybe an early night!


Tired but wired!

Time for more crumpets and then I’ll take my meds and clean my teeth before bed.

Tomorrow I have to go and get some milk.

Hopefully it won’t rain!

Sunday 18 September 2016(06:30:18)

I went to bed at 8pm and was asleep by 10pm.

I slept well, waking at 2am for a leak and sip of water, then slept until around 5am before drowsing until 6.20am.

I got up, made a mug of tea, then got washed.

Now to do my Echores and visit Facebook.

The thought of going to church scares me, but I have to go.

I can’t let my tormentors make me a prisoner in my own home…


Echores done and Facebook visited.

The Real Times video player has problems with memory and asks me to install stuff I don’t need.

Looks like I found their buggy code…


I ran ReImage and it found several serious faults which were fixed.

Now to go get some breakfast as I wait to go to church.

MAN am I scared!!!



The new stuff I ordered from Amazon are on their way here TODAY, so I have to stay home!!!


No idea WHEN they’ll arrive so I have to wait and see!

I’m both scared and excited, so I’m trying not to overthink the situation!


The packages arrived around 12.20pm so I opened them and checked all was well before finishing my racing and got rid of the adrenaline that was running through my system.

I installed the software, the process pretty predictable, and then did some fiddling around, finding it was pretty simple to use.

Tomorrow I’ll phone the engineer and arrange for him to come and install the Firewire Port and then, hopefully, Windows 10 will detect my camera and install the device drivers.

Now to take a look at my new camcorder which looks to be a little thing!

In all a successful day!!!


Just had a nasty moment: I checked the specification of the camera before I opened the box and it is compatible with everything up to Windows 7!

Given I’m on Windows 10 this was worrying!!!

I decided to experiment and used my micro mate SD card interface device to check the memory card and it worked eventually – seems the USB3 port needs looking at!

So: If the camera can’t connect via its USB 2 cable I can just pop the card into my PC!

The thing is that the camera also charges off your PC, so if there are any issues with it, you won’t be able to charge it!

Modern technology is so damned worrying…


Andy showed up while I was reading the camera manual and we had a chuckle as some of the English instructions sounded like a bad interpreter!

I’ve decided to keep the camera for general use and save up for a decent one which I’ll use for Baptisms and weddings.

My current Sony camcorder isn’t trustworthy so I’ll use it to transfer my Mini DV tapes to my PC and then if it behaves I’ll keep it in use while I order a better camcorder.

Andy had a mug of tea and told me that Lillian, our much loved friend and neighbour, gets her pre-op check-up October 12th ready for her knee replacement.

I cannot help but feel sorry for her, she’s in a lot of pain and has difficulty walking.

Lillian fell last month, but Chris was home so she was able to help.

I keep getting sympathy pains just thinking about what this wonderful lady is going through!

Andy and I had a good chat, he drank a mug of sweet tea and then headed home.

Now to relax and think good thoughts for tomorrow I phone the engineer and arrange for him to come up and install the Firewire card.


Email and Facebook done: Time to have a tomato snack and then got get ready for bed.

The windows are open, but there’s not a breath of a breeze to cool the place down and it is 24’C in here.

Looks like I’m in for a warm night…

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