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Friday 21 October 2016(10:54:19)

I go to bed at 9pm, listening to the radio until 11pm, then dozing off about midnight.

I had a night of broken, dream-haunted sleep, woke to the 6am radio alarm, killed it after listening to the news, killed the 7am alarm and had breakfast, then slept through until 10.38am.

First order of business was to get bathed and waved, then I made a mug of tea.

Now to do my Echores.


Echores done and Facebook visited: Now to take care of Momma Nature and do my laundry.

It’s all good…


All was serene until about 3pm when Pat phoned and we had a gossip, just as I finished my lasagne dinner.

Apparently Christine, who I used to babysit for until she drove me close to a nervous breakdown, is now mentally ill and medicated.

I can’t feel sorry for her, she treated her kids terribly.

About 4.30pm Chuggers (Charity Muggers) for the Marie Curie charity turned up and tried HARD to get me to arrange a direct debit which would have cost me £10 a month and were VERY determined until I got rid of them!

I don’t mind doing stuff for charity, I collected for the NSPCC when I was a teenager, but these people are asking for a lifetime commitment I simply cannot afford.

After they left I chilled out, but the ill health that has bugged me for the past week or so is making me feel pretty rough.

Thankfully I have palliative medicines so I should be OK.

Now to check my email and Facebook while my PS3 cools down.


Email and Facebook done: Time for a final glance at my email and back off to race I shall go.

The great thing about having a bug is that it suppresses your appetite!


I raced, read the latest headlines on the Red Button service, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Time for some cereal and then I’ll get bathed and waved before bed.

I don’t feel tired, just drained of energy.

Tomorrow I shower and shave.

Thursday 20 October 2016(06:57:05)

I got to bed about 8pm, but was unable to sleep, so I got up and raced for an hour before trying again.

I had a night of restless, dream-haunted sleep, waking at one point to swap pillows because I had been sweating despite the cold.

I woke to the 6am alarm and drowsed, listening to the radio, finally getting up and having a wash at 6.45am.

Bathed and waved I made a mug of tea and then came online.

Now to do my Echores and wait for the dawn.


Echores done and news read: Time to check Facebook, then off to race I shall jolly well go!


Facebook took a little longer than planned!

Time for some cereal and off to do some racing.

At least the heating is working…


I raced, checked the Red Button news and Trump looked about as bad a piece of news as you can get!

What will happen if he refuses to concede in defeat?

Worse: What would happen if he won???

I then came online to check my email and my link got hijacked by Microdick’s 365 software login page, but I have a work-around for when MSN misbehaves which works, so no worries.

I tried to check my email three times via MSN, MSN letting me through once, so whatever is going on is definitely a Microdick issue.

Time to check Facebook.


Facebook done: Time for dinner!

I should have eaten over half an hour ago, but you know Facebook…


I ate cold cottage pie with tomato sauce, watched the highlights of the Trump/Clinton Las Vegas debate on news 24 and then checked the Red Button news before coming online to check my email and Facebook, MSN behaving normally.

A corrupted link???

Could be…

Anyhoo I turned the heating down a little and then turned off the timer.

The weather has gone cloudy again, so I’m not expecting a heatwave.

Time to race I think!


I raced, ate, checked the news and listened to the analysis of the Trump/Clinton verbal fisticuffs which all point to Clinton winning.

Trump is already calling the election ‘fixed’ so it’ll be interesting to see what he does when he loses.

Yet more women have come forward to label Trump a deviant, but will that affect the vote?

We’ll have to see.

I then came online to check my email and Windows Office 365 popped up AGAIN when I tried to access my email so I used my backup option to get to my email.

What are Microdick playing at???

Oh well: Better check Facebook and then go back to racing.

I have to keep my mind off food…


News read and Facebook updated: Time to go race some more.

Night is falling and so is the temperature in here, so it should be cool enough to sleep by 9pm.

Just hope I CAN sleep – I managed OK last night and got up nice and early!


Took my meds at 6pm, had supper at 7pm and got bathed and waved at 8pm.

Now to head for bed and try to rest until I feel tired enough to sleep.

With luck I should get up early, but these meds mess with my sleep pattern so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed.

Can’t understand what Microdick is up to – it may just be a glitch, but they don’t exactly leave me brimming in confidence about their software…


Just had a look at the news and Russia is sending a battle group our way, possibly to pass through the English Channel, and two other ships are headed to meet them at some point.

If they follow maritime traffic rules then they’ll pass through UK waters.

They are not supposed to contact English or French traffic control, as warships they don’t have to, but it is usual for such ships to do so as a courtesy.

Sabre rattling time?

Given they include Peter The Great, a huge battleship, as well as their nuclear aircraft carrier which looks set to head for Syria to take part in the current war there, I just hope nothing untoward happens.

Nuclear powered warships would be a nightmare unleashed if they got involved in a maritime traffic accident, but if they stay alert they should be OK.

All I can do is pray nobody does something unbelievably stupid and these visitors pass by peacefully.

What a world we live in…

Wednesday 19 October 2016(10:44:20)

I got my butt into bed, but sleep was slow in coming.

I eventually dozed off around midnight and had a dream-filled night, waking twice before the 6am alarm.

I listened to the radio until 7am, killed the second alarm and went back to bed.

I finally got up at 10.30am, got washed and then came online.

‘Talk Talk’ Supersafe is still present, but the account is suspended.

I tried to get rid of it, but there were no specific instructions on how to do this and they were still reporting website problems.

Now to do my Echores.


Echores done and Facebook visited.

At 1pm I’ll go get the milk.

It was sunny before, but now it has clouded over.

Looks like I could get wet.

Oh well: Momma Nature is calling, so I’ll do that and then go race…


Came 1pm I shut everything down, dressed and set forth, my trusty trolley in tow.

I said good afternoon to a couple of neighbours and got to the Co-Op without incident.

Inside John and the new lady were working, so we said hi and I went to get some milk, picking up two bottles.

I queued, then John opened a new checkout and I got served, but had a cramp in my left hand which caused me to drop a £1 coin which rolled under the chiller cabinet near the checkout!

Thankfully I’d brought £4 so I had money for the milk and two bags of doughnuts!

I cracked a joke with John, then headed home, running into my friend and her dogs, the sheepdog in raptures of delight at seeing me!

Apparently I’m the only guy he does this to.

I cracked a joke with her that had her giggling and headed home.

Once back I put the milk and trolley away, then washed my hands.

Just deleted The Super Security boost manually.

Now to breakfast on doughnuts and chill!


My PC is working normally thank goodness!

I’ve been watching the news about the Mars Lander and it went silent shortly before touchdown, so we’re waiting to see if the orbiter has more information.

I felt very tired by 6pm, so I ate and took my painkiller.

Now to clean my teeth, check my email and get an early night.


Email taken care of: Now for some sleep as it is getting rather chilly in here!

Snow has already been reported in the news, so we could be in for a cold winter…

Tuesday 18 October 2016(11:04:05)

I got to sleep about midnight and woke at 9.11am.

I got up and washed, then came online, but ‘Talk Talk’s’ Super Safe Boost program tried to install so I cancelled it via my account, but it’ll take a couple of days before it is removed.

Next I checked Facebook and now I’m going to do my Echores.

Bit backwards to my usual routine, but no worries!


Jobs all done: Time for breakfast and a mug of tea – after I take care of Momma Nature!


I raced, ate a diet meal, checked the Red Button news and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

It’s cold, wet and miserable outside so I’m glad to be staying home!

Now for a mug of tea and some more racing!


The day is dragging as it is dull, grey and horrible after a promising morning.

I’m getting low on milk so I’ll pick some up tomorrow.

I’ll use cash as it’s £1 per bottle if you buy two.

The ‘Talk Talk’ antivirus asked me for a password and update, then hung up.

Hopefully it is now being deleted.

The temperature outside has dropped from 11’C to 9’C and humidity has reached 52%, so I’m glad I’m staying home!

I could do with another game, but I need to save up for that PS4 which I’ll get as soon as they offer a decent game or two.

That probably means Christmas, but no worries!


I raced, had food, checked the Red Button news, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

‘Talk Talk’s’ antivirus is trying to install itself instead of deleting itself, declares an error in the process, says contact support, but the web page is down, so you can’t get help.

My mistake: I forgot who I was dealing with…

Oh well: Getting cold in here and outside too now the sun has set, so I’m wearing my winter pyjamas and thinking warm thoughts.

I can’t use the heating or I’ll be too warm to sleep!

Time to go back to racing.

Nearly time to take my pills…


I raced, had the last of the ham in a sandwich with Branston pickle, so now I have my painkiller to take and then I’ll head for bed.

I’m not tired yet, but I’m getting there!

I tried to access ‘Talk Talk’ help, but the system is still down.

This could take some time, so Bed Here I Come!

Monday 17 October 2016(08:39:04)

I fell asleep about 2am and woke to the alarms, killed them, then dozed until 8.30am, sleeping and dreaming only an hour or so because I didn’t use my duvet so I felt chilled to the bone.

I got up, got washed and now I’m drying off as I wait for 1pm and my trip to the Co-Op for my lottery tickets.

Must remember to cash in my winning ticket!

Now to do my Echores.


Echores done and Facebook visited: Now for breakfast and to race!


Had cereal, then raced before checking the Red Button news.

I came online to check my email and Facebook as usual and now I have to kill the time waiting for 1pm and my trip to the Co-Op.

Guess I’ll be reading the news.


Last night Andy mentioned there’d been a stabbing at the Friendship Inn on Cheapside which has been a dangerous place to visit for many years, originally because we had gangs of teenagers attacking and robbing drunks.

Now we have a stabbing and God knows if the victim will live. for the story.

And people wonder why I don’t like to go out…


News read and Momma Nature made an encore.

Time to dress and brush my hair, then off to the Co-Op I shall Jolly Well Go!

At least it has stopped raining…


As I left the block the sun was shining and there was a cold breeze.

I said good afternoon to one of my regular neighbours as he parked up next to his house and said hi to the elderly couple outside the cottages who had been visited by their daughter and her newborn!

Needless to say granny was smitten as she held the tiny bundle!

As I reached the bus stop there was an elderly guy waiting who had a recent injury to his forehead over his left eye.

I asked if he was OK and he said he was fine.

I got to the Co-Op to find June working so we said hi and she got me my tickets before cashing in the winning ticket.

I wished her all the best and headed home as the rain began to come down.

By the time I reached home it was coming down heavier, so I was glad to get inside!

First order of business was to tuck my precious tickets behind my backup phone and empty the change into my cash drawer, then I got changed as the rain pattered on my windows.

Now for some food and some more racing!


I did some racing, ate, checked the Red Button news, then came online to sort out my email and Facebook.

Now for a drink, a sandwich, a painkiller, then I’ll get ready for bed.

Getting up this morning was murder, but I’ll try again tomorrow!

Sunday 16 October 2016(11:10:45)

I didn’t feel tired, so at 10pm I got up and raced until midnight when I went back to bed, falling asleep about 1am.

I woke at 2.35am long enough for a leak and a sip of water after the usual intense dream, then went back to sleep, killing the alarm at 7am and sleeping until 11am when I got up to get bathed and waved.

It’s too late to go to church, but I wasn’t looking forward to it so no loss.

My insides are still sore, so I’m hoping it’s just constipation.

Certainly I’ve been farting for fun!

Now to do my Echores and then I’ll go race.


Echores done, Facebook visited and friend’s blogs commented on.

The sun is out and it looks lovely outside.

Time to go eat some cereal and then I’ll do some more racing.

Thankfully Momma Nature did her thing and I’m now feeling much better!

Wish I could win the lottery – the good I could do!!!


I had breakfast, raced and then checked the Red Button news before coming online to check my email and Facebook.

The weather is erratic so I’m glad to stay home!

Tomorrow I have to go and get my lottery tickets, so I’ll use my debit card with money as a back-up.

It’s going to be a wet and windy day so I’ll need my umbrella Ju Ju stick.

Usually if I take it out it doesn’t rain…

Now to go back to racing.

I feel rough at the moment, so I could be going down with a bug…


I did some racing, ate, checked the latest headlines and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Looks like I’m going to have to get up to the alarms tomorrow – I’m losing too much ground where my sleep pattern is concerned.

Just wish I didn’t feel so grotty…


I did some more racing, checked the latest news, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

It’s getting colder in here, but I can’t use the heating as it’ll be too warm to sleep!

Nearly time for my meds and vitamins.

Wish I didn’t feel so horrible, the headache is making it hard to focus, but I can’t take a painkiller until 9pm, or it’ll wear off before I get to sleep.

No temperature yet, I just feel like I’m going down with a bug.

Time to do some more racing as soon as I’ve taken my pills.

Tomorrow will be quiet once I’ve got my lottery tickets.


Just had a visit from Andy in need of using my PC to download a manual for a job he has to do.

Basically what he needs is for his boss to do the job!

The guy isn’t putting much effort into running the business, expecting Andy to do everything and Andy is Thick, so he can’t do it!

The factory has been broken into so often it’s a joke, so they can’t keep a computer there and Andy can’t use mine as it will be recorded that I am using it for work – which means hassles with the DWP!

Andy has now gone home after drinking a can of lager and I am once again alone.

Time for my painkiller and then I’ll wait for 11pm and get some sleep.

I just hope I remember to get up to the alarm…


I tried to go to sleep at 9.20pm, but joint pain and churning thoughts kept me awake.

Eventually I became worried about one of my email accounts and its password which had been erased in the maintenance job done by ReImage, so I got up and entered it.

Now for a sip of water and I’ll try to sleep.

Getting up to the alarms will be hard, but I have to keep to a regular sleep pattern.

If not it means pushing the clock – NOT fun.

Saturday 15 October 2016(09:50:39)

I got to bed at 9pm, but sleep was slow in coming, so I listened to the radio as I waited to drift off, finally falling asleep around midnight.

I woke at 2.34am after an intense dream and drank half a bottle of WKD alcopop before returning to sleep.

I woke again at 6.37am, killed the radio alarm and then dozed until 7am and killed that alarm too.

I then slept through until 9.36am and got up as my neighbours made quite a racket!

I had an issue with crystals in my left knee, but a careful bit of exercise crushed them and the pain stopped.

I get them in the joints of my left hand occasionally, but know how to deal with them.

First order of business was a wash and now I have my Echores to do!


Echores done and bills paid: Time to check Facebook, then I’ll go get some breakfast.


All done.

Now to check my lottery ticket and then get some breakfast and wash my hair!

I’ve won £2.20!

Not enough on its own to buy another ticket, but better than a poke in the eye!

Oh for the Big One…


I did some racing, read the Red Button news, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now to go back to racing.

I don’t know if I’ll go to church tomorrow – it all depends on how I feel.

If I could just lock the world out I would, but I need social contact even though it leaves me open to persecution…


I raced, ate, checked the Red Button news again and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now to check my friend’s blogs and then back to racing I go!

It’s 23’C in here, but my hands feel cold!


Jobs all done!

I’m in a lot of pain with my joints, so it looks like we’re in for some wet weather!

Can’t take a painkiller though: I have consumed alkyfrol!

Oddly I haven’t been feeling all that hungry today – maybe AFTER I’ve taken my meds.

Wish I could win the lottery, but I’m not that lucky…


The sun set and it started getting cold as I raced.

I ate at 8pm and read the latest news on the Red Button service, then shut everything down before coming online to check my email and Facebook.

Time for a painkiller, my ablutions and then bed.

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