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Thursday 8 December 2016(11:02:34)

I got to bed at 1am and was asleep by 3am.

I woke before the 6am alarm, dozed until the 7am alarm and woke at 9.43am, getting up long enough to turn on the heating, then dozed until 10am when I reluctantly got up to face the day.

First order of business was a wash, then I came online and did my Echores before sorting out Facebook.

Now to do some racing as I wait for Momma Nature to do her thing!


Momma Nature did her thing about 12.30pm, but it took three visits before I felt safe to go shopping!

The trip down was with one of the regular white drivers and we had a good chat about politics after Barmy Boris opened his mouth and got stepped on by the Government who insisted his views were not those of the Government!

My driver dropped me off on the top of the Arndale and I went into ‘Wilkinsons’ for a calendar, getting directed to the ground floor.

I found them without too much difficulty and paid on the ground floor, taking the escalator to the first floor and the stairs to the top floor once Tammie was done.

Calendar collected and paid for I went to ‘Poundstretcher’ where Clare was on the checkout and bought a pack of ‘AAA’ batteries, getting served by a new lad.

Next stop was ‘Iceland’ which was crowded to put it mildly!

I did my shopping, cracked a joke with Gill, got caught out by Stewart who told me all the deliveries had gone – and I had a moment of panic before he cracked a grin and I realised he was just having me on!!!

Food and drink taken care of I wished Lisa and Stewart well and headed for the free phone which was acting up because of the damp weather.

Still: I got transport ordered and chatted with a woman a bit younger than me, leaving her chuckling when a minibus arrived driven by yet another new Asian driver, but he was old school and we had a good chat.

Apparently he lost a friend in the Pakistan air crash yesterday.

I told him about Lofty and the problems Izzie was having with three guys trying to hook up with her – Lofty not even in his grave when it started, one guy reporting Lofty and Izzie to the DWP Fraud people when she refused his advances!!!

My driver dropped me off on the Close and I warned him about the new fake £5 notes which are in circulation.

As I left the vehicle I was accosted by a Virgin salesman selling 50Meg broadband and a host of extras, but I wasn’t interested so he went into hard sell mode, but I still said no.

I got back and got changed, so now I have to wait for a 3pm – 5pm delivery.

I feel tired, but at least I got everything done OK.

Tomorrow I have to phone the pharmacy and arrange a flu jab, then go get my booze ration for Christmas and the New Year.

I have eight cans of Guinness already and eight cans of Trophy bitter in my current shopping load, so I should feel no pain over the festive period.

Now to dress in my pyjamas and wait for the delivery.


Wayne showed up with my food delivery and he looked a little underweight after his bout of ill health, but he no longer looked grey!

Apparently he managed to get the van back to base, they took one look at him and sent him home!!!

Seeing such a lovely guy so ill was NOT fun…

I packed everything away and had Kiwi fruit and pears for breakfast.

I did some racing, checked the Red Button news and raced some more, then came online to buy Pat’s present.

The one I’d set my heart on won’t deliver until after Christmas, so I chose the lesser gift and some more keyboard stickers as the current ones are wearing out!

Still: 50p per card didn’t break the Bank and I’m sure Pat will love her gift!

I then checked my email and Facebook, my friends in fine form.

Now for a bottle of alkyfrol and a chance to unwind.

Wednesday 7 December 2016(12:18:21)

I raced until 1am, got ready for bed and tried to go to sleep, but it was after 3am again before I dozed off.

I had a night of pleasant dreams and woke before the 6am alarm, killed it, waited for the 7am alarm, killed that, then dozed until 11am.

I turned on the heating and went back to sleep, waking at 11.57am feeling warm.

First order of business was a wash and a mug of tea, so now I have my Echores to do as I dry off.

Tomorrow is a shopping day, so I have that to get through.

Must remember ‘AAA’ Batteries and a calendar!

Right: Echores!


All done and MSN news read, the worst story that of a young lad, desperate for work, who was humiliated and belittled by Job Centre staff, took his own life.

He’s not alone: According to the DWP’s own figures (which IDS tried to bury before he resigned) over 6,000 people have died within six weeks of being sanctioned – current figures are not available.

This government continues to victimise ANYONE they think they can get away with and claim to be ’empowering’ them into work, including the sick and disabled who may also suffer persecution if they have more rooms than the government thinks they should need, to ’empower’ them into smaller homes – even if those smaller homes are not available.

This is the worst government this country has ever seen!!!


I did some racing and was reading the news when there came a knock at the door.

I took my phone so Jed could use it, opened the door while wearing just boxers – and it was two people from housing!!!

From my reaction they thought I was nekkid!!!

They left, highly amused, and I put on my pyjamas in case they came back – they didn’t!

By 5pm I had a headache, uncomfortable throat and aching eyes so I made a Lemsip and took my top off as I was feeling uncomfortably warm.

Hopefully I’ll be fit for shopping tomorrow.

I’ll go get my flu shot Friday and pick up my booze ration for the holiday season.

I prefer to do at least two jobs at once to save on taxi fare!

I raced some more, checked the latest headlines and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now for some more racing!

Tuesday 6 December 2016(00:21:15)

I got to bed at 11.30pm, but my painkiller hasn’t kicked in yet so I can’t settle.

My memory was also an issue as I was listening to the radio and a regular music show hosted by a famous guy and for the life of me I couldn’t remember his name!
Then it clicked: Jools Holland!

I lay back and was just congratulating my subconscious – when I forgot it again!

Determined to remember I came online and went to Google.

As I typed in ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ suddenly I remembered his name so I wrote it down!

God I’m getting old…

The good news of the day is that the poison Chalice, the TTP agreement, is finally dead after years of people powered protests and action – So Trump’s party machine has claimed it as all their own work!

The sooner Trump loses his place as President of the United States the better.

The more I see of this guy the more certain I am that he’s NOT the guy for the job!!!


Just had a firkle around the BBC Store and all my Doctor Who favourites are available at very good prices, most under £14!

I can’t buy them YET because of the upcoming Christmas gift giving and my need to buy a PS4 so I’m going to go drool over the games and see if there’s anything new I like!

I have the shakes, but I always do when I do something new!

According to one of my friends I have a classic case of PTSD, which is no great surprise: My tormentors broke their toy and still expect it to work normally afterwards…


Just had a good look at what’s on offer for the PS4 and, while varied, none of the racing games seem to be set up for a solo player!

Hopefully there will be more games out this Christmas.

If not, then I’ll have to see what PS3 games are on offer!

Time for a drink of milk and then bed.


I got to bed shortly after the previous entry, but sleep was slow in coming.

I eventually dozed off about 3am, dreaming vividly as I slept.

I woke at 11.33am and turned on the heating, then returned to bed to doze until the flat warmed up.

First order of business was a mug of tea, then I had a wash and fired up my PC.

I got an internet warning flag so I rebooted my PC and that cleared it.

Now to do my Echores!


Echores all done and Facebook visited: Time to race as I wait for breakfast on a dark, grey and dismal day!


I raced, had breakfast, raced some more, read the Red Button news, raced again, had dinner, rotated my mattress, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Thursday is a shopping day, so I’m not looking forward to it as Stewart gave me a hard time last fortnight.

People assume that, because you don’t freak out the natives, you’re sane.

I have five psychiatrists, two doctors and a psychologist who disagree – Truly Stewart needs to take up a position in the NHS as they desperately need his level of understanding and expertise…

Time to check my friend’s blogs and then back to racing I go.


Blogs all done, but one of my friends has me worried: Her old PC has had it and she needs to transfer all her files to her new PC.

I warned her about Security Software and, hopefully, she’ll get the message as she’s using her friend’s set-up to post blogs.

I may be paranoid when it comes to malware, but so far I’ve only had six viruses and they were ALL present when I bought the PC, so McAfee soon sorted them out!

Now for that racing…


Races done, Red Button headlines perused and I watched the news papers headlines being discussed on the BBC News 24 channel.

Now to eat some more food, cereal this time, and then do some more racing until I feel tired.

The good news is that my weight has dropped to just over 15Stone so the diet is working!

Monday 5 December 2016(13:35:04)

I took the Zopiclone at 9pm and did some racing until it started to kick in, but by midnight I was still awake so I took another two pills, four times the stated dose.

I woke late on feeling drugged, tried to get up to go to the loo and fell out of bed!

It was a struggle to sort myself out and get up off the floor, but I managed it, went for a leak and sip of water on unsteady feet and then fell back into bed.

I slept through until 12.33pm, turned on the heating, then returned to bed feeling drugged.

I eventually got up and washed, then made a mug of tea.

Now to wait for Momma Nature and the trip to the Co-Op.

I’m tempted to leave it until tomorrow, but I’m determined to be brave.

Oh well: Echores time!


Echores done I dressed for the chilly weather and set out to the Co-Op.

The walk down was uneventful and I got Hazel who processed my lottery tickets for me which I paid for with my debit card.

I had money in case of issues, but it wasn’t needed.

I gave Hazel my love and headed home as quickly as possible, getting a wave off Joanne as she parked up.

Once home I got changed and now I have some racing to do.

It is a comfortable 21.5’C in my bedroom and there’s people in the T&RA base below me so my floor is warm.

Oh well: Time to race!


I was just reading the MSN news when I got a phone call from Ms. Borrowers son sounding very ill.

I went down and knocked on her door, but got no reply.

I’m worried for the kid, he sounded dreadful!

Oh well: Off to racing I go!!!


The day has been cold and we’re in for an icy night.

I decided to check on jewellery for Pat’s Present and found just the thing!

I read my email and in a moment I’m going to check Facebook.

I feel tired and uncomfortable, but sleep will not be an option until 10pm.

On the plus side I have taken my vitamins, fish oil capsules and meds, so I’m hungry, but I’m going to get Frank to zap a hotpot meal which I’ll enjoy with two slices of bread!

Supper will be cereal.

Now to give Frank my lunch, then off to Facebook I go.


Facebook FINALLY done with: Now for that food and a drink of Vimto cordial!

Sunday 4 December 2016(12:56:46)

I got to bed at midnight and was asleep by 2am.

I had several pleasant dreams, waking at 11.14am to a cold flat, so I put the heating on and went back to bed to snooze until 12.44pm when I got washed and made a mug of tea.

Now to do my Echores and visit Facebook, after which I’ll do my laundry.


Internet chores done: Time to do the laundry…


I raced and did my laundry at the same time, hung it up to drip dry over the bath, did some more racing, ate at 7pm and took my meds, then had a shave so I’m all pretty looking which is good for an ageing fossil like me!

Now to check my email and Facebook as my PS3 cools down.

We’re in for a cold night tonight so I am seriously considering taking Zopiclone and having an early night!

Tomorrow I have to go get my lottery tickets, so I’ll do that once Momma Nature has done her thing.

Probability of winning?

What’s the current temperature in Hell???

Still: It’s nice to dream…


Email read and Facebook visited: Time for some more racing.

I feel seriously weird at the moment: Tired, but restless so it’s pointless going to bed.

Oh Joy…

Saturday 3 December 2016(12:43:21)

I got to bed at midnight, but sleep was slow in coming, not dozing off until after 3am.

I woke several times in the night, but elected to leave the radio on.

The 6am alarm woke me, so I killed it then dozed until the 7am alarm, killed that and slept through until 11.21am.

I got up for a leak and turned on the heating, found my mail and got into a state of near panic because one letter was from the Post Office – and the other was from the DWP.

I retreated to my bed until I calmed down, opened them both and found that the PO letter was my final account statement and the other was to report that the DWP were giving me a £10 bonus for Christmas.

When I first got the £10 bonus it was a big help, but these days it hasn’t kept up with inflation, but it’ll go towards a bottle of bourbon so better than nothing!

I then had a wash and made a mug of tea before booting up Lenny.

Now to do my Echores and visit Facebook.


Checked my email and read an update on the cyber attack that has been screwing up my router and You View box.

Apparently it is the Mirai worm which attacks Linux based devices and my data is safe. for the latest on the story.

Now to check Facebook!


All done!

Now to go race and wait for 4pm and my breakfast.

I BADLY need to lose this excess weight, but it is a slow process and no pleasure thanks in large part to my medication.

Oh well: Can’t do it any other way…


I had breakfast at 4pm and was hungry again inside 40 minutes!

I raced, checked the Red Button news, raced some more and then checked for new headlines before coming online to check my email and my friend’s blogs.

Now to check Facebook and then back to racing I shall go as I wait for 7pm, my next meal and my meds.

The teenagers who hassled me yesterday have targeted another of my neighbours tonight, but that’s not unusual.

Basically they need an express lesson in respect, but the Law has given these teenagers blanket immunity so we can do nothing, but wait for the next broken window…


Facebook taken care of: Time for a pint of Vimto cordial and some more racing.

It’s 24’C in my bedroom and time to turn off the heating.

According to the experts we’re in for a cold winter, but then an ‘expert’ said that there wasn’t a hurricane coming and Seven Oaks became Three Oaks…

Friday 2 December 2016(01:16:04)

Email checked and Facebook perused.

Sarah popped online then she lost her connection.

She can’t sleep so she needed to get some chatting done, but her phone wasn’t co-operating.

Now to head for bed as I listen to the Dark Lord Alex Lester on Radio 2.

I feel a headache coming on.


I got to bed OK and was asleep by 3am.

I slept until just before 6am, listened to the radio 2 alarm news, killed it and went back to sleep.

I woke to the 7am alarm, killed that, then slept until 12pm when my mail arrived, so I got up and washed.

Now to make a mug of tea and then do my Echores.


Echores done and Facebook done.

Now to wait for Momma Nature to do her thing and then I’ll head for the shop and get the milk.


I dressed for the weather, then set out, saying hi to Jim who was checking the mail at the T&RA base.

I made my way down the road and ran into two of my neighbours, so we brought each other up to date on the news.

They then left by car and I continued on my way to the Co-Op where Jack and the new girl were on the checkout.

I collected two bottles of milk, paid for them, then headed home, the sky delivering a few spots of rain as I reached the corner, saying hi to the new Eastern European guy who moved in across the way.

I got home OK and now I’m going to open the bottle of strawberry daiquiri and have a drink.

Must remember to wash my hair!


I was racing when Jed knocked on to borrow my phone.

The conversation was cryptic to put it mildly!

I finished my racing and washed my hair before having breakfast.

I was just reading the Red Button news when the local teenagers tried to smash my main window twice.

Unfortunately for them it is made of Lexan and was fitted after the Mallinsons broke my window several times before they moved on to worse crimes.

Disappointed at their failure they moved on.

Now to check my email and then brush my rapidly thinning locks.


Just checked my email and Facebook.

Mix of good news and bad, but both posted to Facebook!

Now to brush my hair and then do some more racing as I wait for 7pm and my next meal!


I did some racing, read the latest Red Button News, had a diet meal, then came online, so in a moment I’m going to check my email and my friend’s blogs.

It’s getting cold again, but there’s not much of a breeze so my home is taking longer to cool down.

Unfortunately my hands are feeling the cold, so I may have to put the heating back on.

If I had a cheaper form of heating I’d use it, but I have to use what I have!

The fact that the power to my central heating boiler has to be always on is worrying because it bumps up my bills even when it is not in use.

I can be freezing and still be paying through the nose for my electricity.

Oh well: Better check my email…


Email and Facebook taken care of: Time to race some more as I wait for my next meal and then bed.

I don’t think I’ll be able to go to church, my sleep pattern is wrong, but that’s no great loss.

It just means I won’t have any social contact this week.

I have to admit I miss the gang though…

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