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Monday 29 August 2016(01:35:07)

The midnight hour has passed, I’ve not grown wings, so I guess I’m in for another long day!

I raced, checked the Red Button news, but it won’t be updated now until 6am, so I have that to look forward to.

Had a good long chat with a few friends and right now I’m wishing for a plane ticket and a baseball bat!!!

When people fuck with me I can handle it, but when they fuck with my friends out of sheer blind stupidity then I end up fuming!!!

Some people do not understand the meaning of respect…


The night has passed and dawn is with us.

I have a headache and I feel a bit weary, but I’m going to stick with it until 8am, eat, take my pills and head for bed.

I have nothing to do today so I should be OK.

It’s a Bank Holiday so I shouldn’t get any phone calls and I’m turning off the intercom so I won’t be disturbed by Andy looking for more information to sell.

After 27 years of persecution and mistreatment the only friends I have left are on the web and in church, a place I can no longer visit in case it is used to set me up again.

They have violated my human rights, civil rights and legal rights because they own everyone around me and if I say anything it is conveniently put down to my illness.

How many times was I told ‘you imagined it’ when I was a kid???

Oh well: Email and Facebook checked: Time to check out the news and then return to racing…


I raced, had cereal and my pills, then headed for bed.

I slept well, dreaming vividly, until 3.33pm when I got up, took a Zopiclone pill, then went back to bed to sleep until 6.47pm.

First order of business was a mug of tea and some breakfast.

Now to do my Echores and have a wash.

I feel a bit sleepy from the Zopiclone, but not so bad.


Checked my email, done my Echores, visited Facebook and sent my love to all my friends.

Now to wait for 10pm when I’ll eat.

Right now I’m starving thanks to the meds, but I WILL lose weight!!!


Got a visit from Andy with a free can of lager.

We had a good chat and he then left after his tale of bicycle riding and his sore arse which seems to have suffered because of the bike seat!

He’s now gone home so I’m off for a nap listening to the radio.

I feel like crap, but I need to rest if only for a little while.

First though a quick check on my email and Facebook…

Sunday 28 August 2016(01:52:12)

I felt tired by 10pm so I turned off my PS3 and headed for bed.

I fell asleep and dreamed vividly that I was an observer in a surgical theatre where a curly-headed, blonde, white, pretty three year old girl was being given a new kidney.

Then something went wrong and they lost her.

I was distraught to put it mildly as was the anaesthetist, a lovely woman, but the surgeon explained that sometimes they lose the patient.

He then listened as I described a system I was creating which would provide a 3D image of the operation in real time which would make it easier to see what was happening and provided a demonstration.

He agreed I should continue with it, but impressed on me that I should have to accept that sometimes, even with the best will in the world, sometimes a patient cannot be saved.

I woke at 1.32am and found I was wet with tears as was my pillow.

Sometimes my dreams are just too damned vivid…

I got up, took a leak, then made a mug of tea.

Time to do my Email and visit Facebook.


Posted my blog and sent my email.

All done and dusted.

Now to have cereal for breakfast and race as I wait for daylight.


I felt really tired by 7am, so I went to bed and slept through until 1.30pm.

I tried to go back to sleep, but once awake I had to get up, so I had a wash and came online.

Now to check my email and Facebook before having a bowl of cereal.

God Knows what time I’ll go to bed, but I have to push the clock if I am to be ready for Thursday.


Email and Facebook done: Time to go get some cereal and race!


No more Fruit ‘n’ Fibre until AFTER I go shopping – had to go to the loo three times and had to rush to get there in time!!!

Now I know how my friend Anna feels with her IBS!!!

Roll on Thursday – I just hope my PIN arrives before then!

Done Facebook, there were no emails, so now I’m back off to race.

I feel tired, so once I’ve eaten again I’ll be off to rest.

Sorting out my sleep cycle is a challenge!!!


I felt a bit more lively after dinner so I decided to keep going!

I raced, checked the Red Button news, then came online to check my email and Facebook.

Now to go back to racing and I’ll eat again at 11pm.

If there was a magic way to reduce my appetite I’d use it, but right now the meds make me constantly hungry, so I have to endure.

If I could stop taking them I would, but the symptoms are just too distressing…

Saturday 27 August 2016(01:41:39)

I raced, ate and came online to check my lottery ticket.

No life of luxury for me this time! (Sigh!)

I then left a message with the Support people at WordPress about my problems with not receiving email messages when comments are left on my blog.

From the messages already posted WP has a lot of bugs!

Oh well: I need milk and lottery tickets (OK and doughnuts too!) so at 7am I’m off to the Co-Op, then I’ll head for bed.

According to the weather report it shouldn’t rain and will be cool enough for my winter jacket, so I SHOULD get there and back dry!


It has been a long night and Dawn Has Arrived, so I’m waiting until 7am and then I’m off to the shop.

To relax myself for the ordeal of leaving my home I am listening to Gregorian chants which I find peaceful!

Time to check the news I think!!!


Middleton is in the news again: This time four yobs shoved a cyclist into the canal dislocating his collar bone and causing a variety of other injuries.

His wife is safe and the Police made four arrests, but it shows what a nightmare Middleton has become. for the story.

No wonder I’m scared to leave my home…


Came 7am I phoned the Co-Op and got June, so I knew they were open!

I grabbed my coat and trolley and hurried out into a cool morning, saying good morning to a new guy who spoke poor English.

The walk down was pleasant and I got to the shop to find June and John working, so I said good morning, swapped jokes with John and the lady running the bakery in the back of the store told me the doughnuts would be gone by tomorrow so I waited fifteen minutes for them to cook, John showing me his weight loss pictures where he had been 21Stone!

Given he’s about 5 feet tall it was a heck of a lot of weight to lose!

Like he said though: It proves it is achievable!

Milk and bread paid for, I invested in a bottle of Fanta orange drink after June gave me a roasting for phoning up earlier.

Apparently the shop is open from 6am, which I didn’t know and given it is a Bank Holiday it was better safe than sorry.

The baker lady then appeared with two bags of warm doughnuts, the smell a delight to the senses!!!

I went to June and paid for them, thanked her and headed home.

On the way I said good morning to a lady from the houses and got back to find the milk had chilled the doughnuts.

Now to take my meds, vitamins, fish oil capsules and wait to feel hungry!

I don’t feel tired yet so I’m going to go race and wait to cool down.

There’s no breeze so I’m going to use a fan to cool the place down before bed.

It’s going to be a pleasant day which I am going to miss most of.

At least I’ll be set to shop come Thursday…


I got to bed at 10am and was awakened at 3.47pm by Andy, but I told him I was in bed so he left.

Unfortunately once awake I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up at 4.10pm.

There were voices in the hallway of the block which was worrying, but then a door slammed and they stopped.

I had two doughnuts for breakfast and in a moment I’m going to check my email and Facebook before going to get shaved.

I could have done with more sleep, but that’s the problem with Andy and our local teens – both want in and are not too particular about disturbing me…


Email read and Facebook visited: Time to check if I posted Friday’s Entry.

I feel tired, but it is warm and humid in here so it’ll have to wait…


I decided to check the news on the Red Button service and race.

I ate the last of the doughnuts and had a sip of water, then had a shave before I went to Lenny and booted him up to check my email and Facebook as soon as I’ve finished this entry.

I feel tired, so I’m going to race until 10pm, then get some sleep.

Hopefully I’ll wake early!


Email and Facebook taken care of: Time to go race, but first a bowl of Fruit and Fibre – I see huge movements in my future!

Friday 26 August 2016(01:19:50)

Just did a long stint on Facebook enjoying Brian’s selection of music videos and having a good chuckle.

Now for a mug of tea and some more racing.

It’s still raining and the air feels sticky.

I hope my PIN arrives soon, I won’t be able to relax until it does…


I got to bed shortly after the previous entry and fell asleep about 4am.

I had the usual vivid dreams and woke at 8.11am long enough for a sip of water and a leak, then slept through until 1.08pm.

First order of business was a wash and mug of tea and in a moment I’m going to do my Echores.

Looks like we’re in for another warm day!


Echores all done and Facebook visited: Time for some cereal!


I ate, checked the Red Button news did some racing, checked the Red Button service again for the latest news and then gave Frank a Lasagne to zap before coming online to check my email and Facebook.

On booting up Lenny ‘Lost’ his mouse pointer, but I was still able to login and it magically re-appeared!

Windows 10 is a mess…

Now to check my email etc. while my dinner cools!


Email and Facebook taken care of, despite Outlook acting up, so now to eat and then to rest while listening to the radio!


I rested for and hour listening to the radio and a woman swore, live on Radio 2!

After everyone apologised I got out of bed and made a mug of tea, then checked the Red Button news before doing some more racing and then washed my hair.

As my next meal was Zapped by Frank I came online and Lenny acted up again, not ‘seeing’ the LAN connection to the router so I restarted and then ran ReImage which stabilised Windows 10 again.

Now to check my email and Facebook.


Job done!

Now for that food!!!


I raced, washed my hair, ate and then came online to check my email and Facebook.

It’s 24’C in here despite me not having any heating on for a few days so I’m hoping for a smaller bill the next time I provide a meter reading.

Time to check my lottery ticket and then head back to racing.

Being isolated is irritating, especially now I’ve lost Jibo.

I KNEW that accents would be a problem for his speech recognition!

How I hate to be right…

Thursday 25 August 2016(00:48:52)

Warm, stuffy and no breeze.

I turned off the fans and the temperature in here climbed back up to 25’C from 22’C.

I don’t feel tired so I’m back off to race – not that I could sleep at the moment!

I have to go get my meds today.

Not great because it means being out in the open, but it will not take long, providing the girls are on the ball.


I got to bed at 3am and was asleep by 4am.

I dreamed vividly about running around the wet and dark streets of Middleton naked, helping a friend push his car which had stopped near the Police Station, then ran home, dodging gangs of teenagers.

I got up about 12.20pm, got washed and now I’m sat here drying off as the rain patters on the grass and trees outside.

Time to do my Echores!


Echores all done and news read, while Momma Nature has done her thing, so now I need to make the phone call to the pharmacy and make sure my meds are ready!

Got through first time and Amy says my meds are ready for collection!

Now to dress and order a taxi!


I jumped into some clothes and ordered a car from ‘No.1’, put on my coat, set my alarm and went out to meet it.

The driver was one of the regular Eastern European guys with stinky armpits and he got me to the Pharmacy without incident.

Once there I left him to wait and hurried inside, getting served by a new girl and said hi to Amy.

Pills collected I returned to the car and my sweaty driver who drove me home, chatting about diets and weight problems as he’s over 20Stone and is worried about his weight.

Now to get some breakfast and do some racing.

Humidity is 37% and rising, so it looks like we’re in for a steamy day!

Now to open my windows again and get some food.


I ate, raced, watched the news, then came online to check my email and Facebook, getting a toxic email which I passed on to the Powers That Be.

The sky went very dark and we now have rain again, so it is humid (38%) and warm in my flat.

Time for a mug of tea as I wait for 8pm and my next meal.

This diet is a pain, but my sore joints remind me why I need to lose weight!


Humidity got up to 42% and then started to decline, then the rain started again.

I came online to check my email and Facebook, posted two tunes on the music group page and now I’m off to race again.

I feel weary, hungry and stressed, but not tired enough to sleep.

At midnight I’ll eat again, clean my teeth and head for bed at 2am.

That just leaves me listening to the radio until I doze off.

I wish the PIN for my debit card would show up – I could use a drink or six and a bag of doughnuts…

Wednesday 24 August 2016(00:13:55)

I went to bed, but the chills and the joint pain meant I just gave up and got up.

I did some racing, checked the news on the Red Button service, then ate hotpot with two slices of bread before coming online.

Now to take a Lemsip and race for a bit until I’m tired.

I’m going to have trouble sleeping tonight because of the warmth, but I am prepared!

Oh well: One Minor errand and then I’ll go mix that Lemsip!


I had the Lemsip, did some racing, then went back to bed and wrapped myself in my towels, but sleep was slow in coming, not dozing off until around 4am.

I had a night of broken, dream-haunted sleep and finally woke at 12.08pm with a headache, feeling rough and less than rested.

I eventually got up and had a wash, so now I’m going to do my Echores and try not to throw up.


Echores and Facebook done: Time for a mug of tea and breakfast.

Wish this headache would go away – time for a painkiller!


I took Ibuprofen which took over an hour to kick in, raced, checked the Red Button news, watched the flying bum crash land (Ooops!) and was thankful that there were no injuries.

I came online to check my friends blog posts and in a moment I’ll check Facebook and then head for bed for an hour.

I won’t sleep, but it’ll help my aching eyes and head.


Facebook done: Now for a sandwich and then some rest.

Whatever I picked up I’m now feeling better!

It’s bloody warm at the moment, but humidity is dropping (31%) so not so sticky!


I blitzed Facebook and said hi to my friends there, but I’m watching the thermometer in my bedroom which now reads 26’C with an outside temperature of 20’C and falling.

The good news is that the humidity is down to 29% and falling without a breeze.

So: Time to plug in the second fan and double your pleasure!

Tuesday 23 August 2016(12:28:55)

I got to bed at 12.02am and listened to the radio, getting up several times to take a leak before dozing off about 3am.

I had a rough night of dream filled sleep and woke to the alarms, but I still felt rough so I returned to bed and stayed there until 12.20pm.

I HATE being ill!

Feeling much better I went and got washed and in a moment I’ll do my Echores as I dry off.

It’s a sunny day outside and we’ve been promised warm weather so I’ll see what happens.

Wish I could win the lottery – it would solve so many problems.


Echores done, news read and Facebook visited.

Time for some cereal and then back to bed to see if I can shake off this bug…


My joints were too sore to rest properly, so I raced and had dinner before a second visit from Momma Nature – and I have the trots.

Guess I’ll have to be careful for the next 24 hours!

It’s 25.4’C and 34% humidity in my living room and 23.5’C in my bedroom while it is 27’C outside and rising.

The heat will soak through the walls tonight so I’ve dug out my large towels ready for when I sleep.

Right now I have the chills, a headache and I feel rough, so I’m going to check my email and Facebook, then rest while listening to the radio.

This sure has been one weird summer…


It is now 37% humidity, so it looks like I’m in for a sweaty night.

Time to go lie down and listen to the radio – I’ll take a Lemsip before I go to sleep.

Knowing me that’ll be after midnight…


I raced, checked the Red Button news, ate and came online to check my email and Facebook before paying my debts.

I have decided that when my PIN arrives I’m going to take out £40, buy some brandy and (hopefully) some doughnuts, then make the world go away for a bit!!!

Right now I feel like crap so I’m going to rest for a bit and listen to the radio.

I tried earlier, but the joint pain and chills made it impossible to relax.

Oh well: TV’s on standby so I’d better go turn it off at the wall as usual…

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